Introducing the “Flapjack the Ripper” line of monster pancake Holsters!

What makes a monster holster? It’s true that we pride ourselves on designing the best Holsters for the biggest handguns, which encourages a design that is stronger and tougher than the average single-ply holster. We believe that overkill is about right and so our newest original design is a monster take on an old favorite, the pancake holster.

Double-ply, no-rough construction that keeps grit off your gun and adds stability and durability for a long-lasting holster that resists deterioration, tearing, and minimizes the consequences of minor cuts and cracks if they occur. 

Exterior is finished to resist weather and interior is as plain as possible, just leather and oil against your gun. 

Custom designs are hand-tooled and hand-dyed, for a work-of-art every time. 

Made-to-order means that you can get the right cant angle, for the right belt width, and left-handed or right-handed as you need. Your gun, your way.

Now taking orders. Order soon for pre-Christmas delivery! 

(As of November 19, both of the pictured examples are available for purchase. Ready-made! Contact