Monster Holsters Logo

We like big guns

But since a relative minority of folks seem to be able to handle such magnum greatness, the holster options are notably limited and rarely focused on the specific needs and features of those large handguns.

So we decided to fix that

By designing high-quality holsters just for our favorite guns. You won’t find us up-sizing puny designs intended for tiny guns.

Big guns, personal service

Most don’t need a Monster Holster, so we personally tailor every holster to the specific gun/optic setup of each customer. We want it to fit just right.

We use them

Because who else knows the joys and needs of great guns better than someone who loves them and uses them? Every design is based on the real-world experience of a serious shooter and hand-gun hunter.

We haven’t thought of everything yet

So if you don’t see the holster you’re looking for, don’t worry, customwork will always be our favorite gig. Let us design the Monster Holster that you need.

And with that in mind…

We are working on a new and improved site just for monster holsters that will be geared to towards streamlining the custom design process to make it easier for you to get the holster you want fast and easy. We’ll be adding design ideas and concepts that you can choose or use as inspiration for your monster masterpiece. Until then, we’ll just have to keep doing it the old-fashioned way. Send us a message!